All Natural Pedicures

Safety First

  • Our pedicure baths are cleaned thoroughly between each use with hospital grade products
  • Our pedicures do not use jet tubs instead we use acupressure therapy through hot stone soaks. This both helps to eliminate the risk of staff infections and also ensures the most sanitary soak around!
  • If you have a toe problem we will let you know about it not just cover it up and we can suggest the best way to handle the issue before it gets out of hand.
  • You should NEVER shave the day of a pedicure. This opens up your pores to the possibility of infection.
  • If you have diabetes or other auto-immune disorders please notify your nail technician. A cut could be life threatening in this situation and it will be especially important for her to take care.

Pedicure Scents

The Natural Spa Pedicure Experience

An enticing treatment from start to finish that is fit for royalty! Your experience starts with a choice of pedicure aromatherapy scents. Next dip your feet into a bowl of river stones for a warm soak . This is followed by a perfect toe-a-cure, finished with a rich exfoliation sure to renew even the driest skin. Your tired feet are then indulged with a detoxifying foot mask which removes toxic debris from the lymphatic system. Your pedicure comes to a close with warm towels and an pressure point foot massage. You choose a polish top off your experience. (many colors available)        60 min  Spa Pedicure $50

Lavender Dream – the gentle soothing and healing properties of lavender have been reputed for thousands of years. Lavender brings peace of mind to the weary wanderer. With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties this is the perfect pedicure for those who suffer from chronic tension and headaches.

Celtic Forest– created in the true spirit of the earth, this herbal scented pedicure of citrus and sage fills you with the feeling of the warm peaceful days of summer. The botanical essences reduce joint pain, and water retention and can help in relieving skin disorders.

Spring Blossom– if you love the smell of the air when springtime wraps it in fresh flowers this pedicure is for you. It’s light airy feeling sweeps you away to a bright spring day while its floral properties detoxify and relieve sore feet.

Phoenix Renewal– in the cooler fall days we long for something warmer. Let the rich scent of cinnamon and sage tantalize your senses. This pedicure warms the blood and rekindles the fire in your spirit as well as your feet.

Pumpkin Spice– another fall favorite is a warm blend of pumpkin extracts, cinnamon and nutmeg to warm the body and mind. It rejuvenates, reduces inflammation and comforts the soul.

Cranberry Kiss– this pedicure is sweet ‘n’ tart all at the same time. Its light aromatic scent is a great way to experience something out of the ordinary while the detoxifying cranberry extract invigorates the mind and lifts the spirit. Let me bring you back to cozy winter cooking and harvest time.

Check for other seasonal Pedicures: Grapefruit, Coconut Lime, lemon/Lime, Orange Fizz and more……….



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