Nail Services

Manicures, Spa Manicures and Acrylics

Manicures are for natural nails and are a great inexpensive way to treat yourself! They consist of soaking, filing, and cuticle removal. A deep penetrating hand massage, and a polish follows this up. I now carry Vinylux a 7 day no chip polish that requires no special soaking or procedure to wear!

Spa manicures include the same as above but involve an exfoliating scrub, a detoxifying mask, and massage.

I am a certified CND PRO!

Why that matters? I take continuous education with CND to keep up to date on teh latest trends, techniques and products!

Creative Nails Shellac & Acrylic system (CND)

shellac 3

Shellac is the newest light cured polish system for those seeking the longevity of acrylic nails with polish without the acrylic. I carry four lines at the salon Shellac by CND, IBD, Artistic and OPI Axxium. They wear for approximately 14 days dependent on nail condition and day to day use. They can be removed  by soaking them in acetone soaked cotton wrapped in foil. The removal process takes 10 minutes. It is damage free and commitment free. A great way to maintain a manicure for longer than traditional manicures!

CND Acrylic systems are traditional to most acrylic systems and can be worn clear, tipped, or built-in French. The product is non-yellowing, which is great for smokers and tanners. This product uses an acid free primer so there is very little dehydration to the nail bed allowing the nail to stay healthier for much longer than with traditional acrylic systems. I also use as little of the electric file as possible to keep the nails in their optimum state of health. Any type of acrylic does need to be maintained every two weeks.

In addition to standard acrylic I also work with imbedded designs, colored acrylic, glitter acrylic and color additives. Don’t be shy I love to create. Be creative with me and join in the fun.

glitter flamesNail Art

What nail service would be complete without nail art? I love it! Some even might say I am addicted to nail art. Whether it’s a quick flower or a complex design I am happy to try out anything you can dream up!


Spa Pedicures

I offer both basic and spa pedicures, however there is no point in getting half a service unless you’re in a rush. The spa pedicure is definitely the way to go! Go ahead and give yourself permission to treat the most abused area of your body your feet. This divine experience starts with a soak in a warm bath of river rocks, followed by nail trimming and filing, buffing and cuticle removal. After the nails are prepped I follow-up with a heavenly foot scrub which smooth’s and exfoliates the skin and polishes callused areas. Next I cover the feet in a detoxifying foot mask and then wrap your feet in warm towels. Finally I finish with a massage that will melt you in your chair and polish your toes to perfection.  My tub is removable from the foot stand allowing mfootpedicurebathe to completely sanitize the bowl between uses. Each bath is removed and bleached before returning to service. Don’t wait book your appointment today!

Many of the pedicures I offer are handmade. I utilize a combination of all natural ingredients and essential oils to create a one of a kind experience. The combination of aromatherapy and detoxification creates a rejuvenating rebalance which does as much for your health and body as it does for your mind. Check out the different scents offered and also don’t forget to ask about seasonal scents. 

*We reserve the right to refuse any customer that has an active nail mold or fungus. If you believe you may have either condition we urge you to consult a podiatrist immediately. Most cases can be easily cleared with proper medication*

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