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I offer online correspondence and in-person classes through this site so check frequently for details on upcoming courses check the calendar or email me directly at: kimberlyscook @ I am happy to travel to speak for events, workshops and intensives as well as teach full length classes. To schedule a class or request her at an event please email her directly at the address above.I also offer online and in-person classes and workshops through the Pagan Education Network.

  • Principles of a Spiritual Mindset
  • The Art of Healing and Magick
  • Exploring your Shadow Self (book: In the Shadow of Thirteen Moons)
  • Defensive Magick
  • Energy Awareness
  • Spell work
  • Color Magick
  • Herbal Working
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Tarot Classes 1, 2 & 3
  • Crafting Witchy Crafts
  • Henna as a Ritual Art
  • Moon Working
  • Sacred Landscape “Learning the Labyrinth”
  • Open Sabbats/Circles

Course Descriptions:

Exploring your Shadow Self (In The Shadow of Thirteen Moons)

Are you drawn to walk on the darker side of witchcraft but are afraid of what that could mean? Don’t be afraid of the dark; come join us for an exploration of the dark moon. Kimberly will take seekers on a sacred spiral journey into the darkness of shadow work and back out again. Through this class you will learn how to embrace the mystery teachings of the crone. This class explores the power of the dark moon, its uses, and the benefits of using the dark moon for transformational work. This class is great for intermediate students; however all are encouraged to attend. This class is interactive and works through lecture and meditation and the path-working style of the class challenges participants to break down old ideals and barriers so that true transformation can begin. (1 day 1-3 hours, 6 day. Also available for retreat or workshop)

Learn to Meditate

A fun quick and easy interactive course designed to introduce people to the art of altered states of consciousness. Meditation has become more popular every day among people in the United States. Now explore the art of meditation through hands on personal experience. In this course Kimberly walks participants through a series of steps which culminate in the ability to do focus meditations with ease. This course breaks down the various aspects of meditation and different techniques one might use to learn it for themselves. She will take time to answer questions about meditation as well as guiding participants in proper body posture, breathing and state of mind. Topics to be covered are general meditation for mind, body and spirit, Light meditation, Deep meditation, and trance state. Whether it’s just for fun, to help relieve stress, or for spiritual purposes this meditation class is a fun interactive experience for everyone. (1 day 2-3 hours or 4 day)

The Eastern Chakras

The Chakras are seven wheels of light which are based around the Eastern energy system in which grids of energy flow through the body’s endocrine system. These wheels are said to assist the body in energy flow, healing and can help in balancing the mental and emotional systems of the body. Balancing the chakra system can be an important part of the healing process for everyday reasons as well as before and after surgeries and when dealing with chronic illnesses. During this class we will explore each chakra individually through hands on work, meditation and personal exploration. This class will introduce you to a variety of methods in which the chakra system can be used to aid in speeding recovery and for personal healing and transformation. (1 day 2-3 hours, 6 day session or workshop)

Ritual Writing

Poems, songs, chants, sonnets, stories, myths, and tales; they are all part of the pagan celebration; they are all part of the beauty of the cycle of life. Rituals are a dramatic physical way to manipulate focused intention to transform, inspire and enrich our lives. This class is designed to teach those wishing to utilize ritual as part of their daily practice how and when to use ritual for maximum effectiveness. In this class we explore the basic structures of rituals, why they work, how to choose elements and content and when is the best time to perform ritual. This class consists of group discussions, research and development, group writing, and participation. At the end of the class the group will experience their work by putting together a ritual and performing it as a closing ceremony to the day. This class aims to refresh the spirit and enliven the mind with new ideas and ways of looking at ritual. (1 day 3-5 hours, 4 day session or weekend intensive)

Moon Working

The phases of the moon affect most of us on a subtle psychic level. For thousands of years cultures have timed their farming seasons, celebrations and rites of passage according to the phase of the moon. It is no wonder that Moon-working is a fundamental part of our lives. In this class you will explore the entire cycle of the moon. I will explain the difference between the Gregorian calendar and the moon calendar. I will discuss the four key phases of the moon; the energies and aspects associated with these times. I will explain why practitioners have used these phases to assist in healing, self-exploration and magickal practice. The moon-working class will culminate in a group ritual which focuses on healing and personal transformation by using the energy of the moon itself.

(1 day, 2-4 hours or 3 day)

Introduction to the Tarot

This class explores the tarot, how to use the tarot, and what it means to divine with the tarot. The class begins with a brief history of the tarot. This is followed by the basics of how to choose a tarot deck, clean a tarot deck and use a tarot deck. Students will be introduced to the major and minor arcana and their basic meanings.  Following you will be taught a few basic layouts so that they can begin to read for yourself. This is a fun, hands on interactive class which allows participants to try their hand at exploring one of the many psychic arts of divination. Participants will need to bring a standard tarot deck, a notebook, and an open mind. (One day 4-6 hours)

Introduction to Tarot (In depth)

This class explores the tarot, how to use it and what it means to divine with the tarot. We will discuss the major and minor arcane in detail as well as explore some of the principles behind the tarot cards themselves. During this class, participants will learn how to use tarot cards to read on their own as well as how to begin to read for others. This is a fun, hands on interactive class which allows participants to be able to try their hand at exploring one of the many psychic arts of divination. Participants will need to bring a standard tarot deck, a notebook, and an open mind. (Weekend intensive or 4 day)

Introduction to Divination

There are many forms of divination and tarot is just one of them. Water and fire scrying, runes, oracles, pendulums are just some of the other forms of divination practiced throughout the world. This is an exploratory class which will redefine the way you think about divination. We will explore some of the various methods in which you can divine with the gods and goddesses. Hand outs will be provided with each tool that we discuss in order to give you an introduction to some of the many types of divination available for further exploration. This class is almost entirely hands on. Try your hands out at runes, scrying, pendulums, oracles, and other forms of divination. This class will challenge you to open your mind and invite divinity to share its secrets with you. (1 day 2-3 hours or weekend intensive)

Elemental Immersion

If you want to enliven your magick there is no better way to do it than to gather, work with, and understand the elements that we use every day. The five elements of magick are not only essential tools when working with spells, rituals, Sabbats and Esbats; they are also essential in our personal workings and our daily lives. During this class we will take an in depth look at each element, what it does, what it means, and the many ways in which we can work with the elements in magick. We will also explore simple ways to bring more of the energy we need most into our lives. (1 day 3-5 hours or weekend intensive)

Henna as a Ritual Art & Ritual Body Art

The art of painting the body has existed for as long as we have. It has been used since ancient times to mark a person temporarily or permanently with symbols that open the gateways to the spirit. During war, death, as well as the coming of age, the bodies of loved ones were traditionally painted with sacred symbols and art believed to protect, heal, and aid them in their journey. Today we use them as a symbolic act of ritual adornment and to mark sacred passages throughout our spiritual growth. One of the best known forms of temporary body art today is Henna. Henna has long been considered an art form in many cultures including the ancient Isle of Whales. We will briefly discuss its history as well as how to mix it, use it and apply it for ritual use. Come in and learn how you too can make magickal, wearable skin art! This class includes one tube of henna, lists of henna suppliers, information on its proper uses and mixing techniques. We will be trying out some basic designs to get you going. Participants should be prepared to work on each other or themselves.

We will also explore the art of face painting which is simple, symbolic, and powerful. The art of ritual face and body painting adds an extra element of magick to modern day rituals in the same way it did to our ancient ancestors. This fun, interactive class is a completely hands on experience which asks the participant to get in touch with the magick of symbols. During the class we will use a series of magickal symbols painted on the body and combine them with mediation to explore how art can affect the energetic passages of the body through ritual. We will also discuss the sacred act of drawing art on another for the purpose of healing, ritual, and transformation. (1 day 1-3 hours)

Holiday Crafting

Pagans love to craft and to explore using nature to enhance their homes, gardens, and living spaces. This class changes seasonally and gives hints and tips on decorating and creating beautiful altars, crafts and gifts for friends, and even things just for fun. Each class is customized to the location that the class is being presented. Some ideas that have been successful in the past are, wheat weaving, corn dollies, creating a Book of Shadows, scrap booking for your Book of Shadows, cauldrons of flowers, May baskets, Yule cones, ornaments for Yule trees, creating sacred wreaths, wands, staves, magickal pouches, mask making, and more. This event is customized for each person, if you have an idea I can build an event around that concept. This class brings into fusion nature and the inner child. Come explore new ideas and have a roaring good time doing it! This class may include making ritual tools and other such items from your local environment. These classes require supplies and materials needed to make the craft of the season. I also provide handouts with other great ideas and instructions so you can create your craft again at home! (1 day 2-4 hours)

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