Ministry Services


Yes! I do perform handfasting ceremonies (legally) for your special day. I offer a variety of services from civil style handfastings with a touch of pagan to full on ceremonial rituals. I work closely with the bride and groom to be to make this day all about celebrating their love and commitment for each other. I will help you design a ritual that reflects your individual tradition, style, and personality. To be able to be legally handfasted is a big deal to most pagans because it eliminates the need for extra money to be spent for extra clergy or a J.P. I will happy consult with you further if you are considering being handfasted. If you would like more information please email me at the above address

Wiccaning & Baby-naming Ceremonies

You do not need a legally ordained minister to perform this rite, however sometimes it is easier to place this duty in someone else’s hands, making things less stressful for the new baby’s parents. Therefore I am available to perform a ceremony that fits your needs for this very special time in your lives.

Rites of Passage

I am also available to perform the rites of passage; coming of age, mother-to-be, change of life, croning, etc. I realize that there are many solitary people who are not part of a coven but still want to honor one of these special passages in life with an extra special ceremony. Therefore I strive to make myself available to our community for just such occasions.

Hand Partings

Sometimes a necessary part of life. I will prepare and perform handparting ceremonies for those couples who have been handfasted and also for those couples who were civilly married. If you are getting divorced and would like to put some ceremonial closure to this time and your lives so that you can both move on freely and without ties then a handparting is what you are looking for. For more information contact me at the above address.

Funeral Rite

I will work with someone who is terminally ill or with the family of someone who has already passed to put together a ceremony that commemorates and celebrates their life. As time has gone by and things have changed I recognize that there is an increasing need for ministers to attend and perform the passing rites for people who follow a pagan path. Therefore I will, with great respect for the individual and to the family, preside over funerary rites for those of our path. Services normally reflect the way they lived their life, as a pagan. For more information contact me at the email address above.

Personal Life Celebrations

I also perform Life Celebration Ceremonies. Sometimes there are times in life that are not marked by specific changes in the wheel of the year, but they deserve recognition just the same. These can be deeply personal for the pagan member involved. Some of these types of rituals include; celebration of life (for overcoming debilitating illnesses), grieving of ones who have passed, graduation (celebration of education and coming of age), change in life path, overcoming fears, moving to a new location, starting over and the list goes on. If you find yourself in need of rekindling your inner flame and recognizing something that has created a marked change in your life let us know. We love to write these deeply unique and personal rituals, which celebrate the human spirit! Please make sure to give us ample time to write this ritual for you.


I only currently perform rituals for those in the geographic location of New England, specifically Massachusetts, though I can also work outside of Massachusetts. I require at least one meeting with the person or persons who would like to have a ceremony performed. I also require a minimum of three months notice for the ceremony being requested (except in the case of a funeral). Please contact me for full details. Once I receive your email I will gather your information and discuss fees. Thanks for your interest!


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