Classes 2017

The Eastern Chakras I:
Come explore the Chakra system in a fun, hands on way! This course is designed to give participants a historic understanding of what the chakra system is as well as serve as a treasure trove of self-discovery! The seven wheels of the Eastern tradition of chakras is just one energy system of the many ancient energy systems that exist in the world. The Chakras are seven wheels of light which are based around the Eastern energy system in which grids of energy flow through the body’s endocrine system. These wheels are said to assist the body in energy flow, healing and can help in balancing the mental and emotional systems of the body. Balancing the chakra system can be an important part of the healing process for everyday reasons as well as before and after surgeries and when dealing with chronic illnesses. This class will introduce you to a variety esoteric methods in which the chakra system can be used to aid in personal healing and transformation.During this class we will explore each chakra individually through hands on work, meditation and personal exploration. We will also explore the basic concepts of energy systems from across the globe including the three pillars, the kabalistic tree of life, the Celtic tree and elemental alignments. The class will culminate in putting all the pieces together to form tailored personal daily mediations and reflections that will help you keep your body balanced and aligned..

Course meets the second Monday of each month from 6:00 – 8:30 pm (start date 9/11/2017, ends 2/12 2018)
Course length: 6 months 2 1/2 hours ea.
Course Cost: $80 (if signed up before August 31st or $100 after August 1st)

Please send me an email to sign up and get information about location and payment options. Kimberly s cook @ Thank you!
Women’s Mystery Circle

Please message me to sign up! Once signed up I will send out information for address and payment. Thanks!

This is a brand new offering for me and one I am thrilled to put together. For many years I have followed the old paths of the tribal women, the ancestral lines of the priestess paths and the call of Avalon. Along the way I began to realize the need for a common ground for women to explore their own calling in a safe and welcoming environment. With that in mind I began to develop a course of study to aid women in doing just that. This course strives to bring women together in a space of acknowledgement and self- actualization. Whether it is the warrior, the priestess, the healer, the caregiver, the leader or the creator we are all women of the goddess and we have the power to empower each other through the common bond of womanhood. The women’s circle course is designed to attune women to their natural talents, personal energy and the energy of the goddess. In keeping with many of the traditional women’s mysteries this course will touch on the rites of passage women go through and the rituals associated with such transitions in life. The course will blend philosophies from a variety of spiritual paths including Celtic and Avalonian traditions. This course is open to women (13 years and up). It is a gentle exploration of feminine spirituality. The women’s mysteries can be accessed by anyone with a genuine interest in the path of the goddess as she invites all women to dip into her waters.

Come deepen your understanding of the world of the modern day priestess through mediation, esoteric studies and learn self-healing practices specifically designed or women. Share your stories with other women as we come together to weave the web of community. Empower yourself by exploring the many faces of the goddess path to reach beyond the expectation and into the realm of new possibilities.

This course meets the third Monday of each moth beginning August 28 and going through July of 2018.
Duration 12 months (13th month is a culmination ceremony)
Cost: $ 180 (payment options available upon request)
Please send me an email to sign up and get information about location and payment options. Kimberly s cook @ Thank you!


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